Girl Power Kickboxing results: Mallaury Kalachnikoff takes all tournament

Mallaury Kalachnikoff of France takes all Girl Power female kickboxing tournament live on SFR Sport 5 on Friday, February 10, 2017.

Girl Power was the second edition of an eight woman one night tournament produced by the Bigger’s Better Boxing. The world-renown organization headed by Jean-Christophe Courreges is a producer of three seasons of heavyweight boxing tournaments live on Eurosport.

Girl Power 2 was held in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria live on air by European sports television network SFR Sport 5. The event followed the pilot that aired live on Pay-Per-View in 2014 from Latvia.

19-year-old Mallaury Kalachnikoff collected three victories in one night tournament. She defeated Judit Laura Foldvari of Hungary, Marina Spasic of Serbia and Nathalie Visshers of Belgium. As a result French fighter earned a prestigious WKN belt.

The show was hosted by a notable French journalist Jean-Philippe Lustyk. The coordinator of the event was a former WBC international champion, Frenchman Bruno Wartelle. Referees on the night were Klaus Hagemann of Germany and Steve “SS” Smoger of USA. The WKN World president, Stephane Cabrera presented at the event. Parviz Iskenderov of Australia delivered international coverage of the event in media.

Girl Power – Kickboxing 8 Woman Tournament – 60 kg / 3 x 2 x 1 mn

1/4 Final

Marina Spasic (Serbia) wins by points vs Laura Follereau (France)
Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France) wins by points vs Judit Laura Foldvari (Hungary)
Nathalie Visshers (Belgium) wins by points vs Ilham Gramal (Belgium)
Iliana Metodieva Gelebova (Bulgaria) wins by points vs Zorka Stojanovic (Bosnia)

1/2 Final

Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France) wins by splits points vs Marina Spasic (Serbia)
Nathalie Visshers (Belgium) wins by points vs Iliana Metodieva Gelebova (Bulgaria)


Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France) wins by points vs Nathalie Visshers (Belgium)