WKN Czech: Petr Lamac produces knockout gala Simply The Best 14 Prague

Simply The Best 14 Prague stars the third season of the WKN World kickboxing series on SFR Sport 5.

On Saturday April 29, the leading promoter in Czech Republic, Petr Lamac presented the third edition of the world-class events in the country. STB 14 Prague was the gala featuring the best of Czech up against prominent international kickboxers. Ondrej Hutnik, Petr Vondracek, Matous Kohout, Jan Holec, Alexandr Cverna, Tomasz Makowski, were among others competing.

The fight card comprised Kickboxing and MMA bouts. Three championships bouts went ahead during the evening.

The event crowned a new WKN European middleweight champion in oriental kickboxing, Matous Kohout. In addition, Rade Opacic of Serbia made a solid claim as a new contender in the heavyweight class. The event has also marked the 100 fight in the career of notable Ondrej Hutnik.

Coordinator of the event was Lukas Bodyy of Slovakia. The championship supervisor was Osman Yigin of Belgium.

Hosted at Top Hotel Praha, STB 14 kept the audience entertained till the very last bell. Furthermore it has brought the attention of media from across the world, as far as Australia. The event dedicated to support the 6-year-old Maximek who is in constant need of the medical attention.

Simply The Best 14 Prague is scheduled for broadcast on SFR Sport 5 throughout Europe.

Fight Results

WKN Kickboxing International Bout / Super heavyweight / Oriental rules / 3 x 3 mn
Rade Opacic (7-1-0, Serbia) wins by KO R1 vs Ondrej Hutnik (87-10-2, Czech)

WKN Kickboxing European Championship / Middleweight / Oriental rules / 5×3 mn
Matous Kohout (16-4-0, Czech) wins on points vs Jente Van Hul (35-4-1, Belgium)

MMA -84,0 kg / 3 x 5 mn
Makhmud Muradov (9-6-0, Czech) wins by TKO R3 vs Shota Gvasalia (9-3-0, Georgia)

Kickboxing +96.6 kg / 3×3 mn
Petr Vondracek (52-27-0, Czech) wins by KO R1 vs Wieslaw Kwasniewski (8-8-0, Poland)

WKN MMA International title fight -120 kg / 3×5 mn
Alexandr Cverna (6-3-0, Czech) wins by TKO R1 vs Adnan Alic (7-7-1, Serbia)

Kickboxing +96.6 kg / 3×3 mn
Georgij Fibich (21-3-0, Czech) wins on points vs Anastasios Karagiannidis (Greece)

WKN Kickboxing International Championship / Super featherweight / Oriental rules / 3×3 mn
Jan Holec (38-14-3, Czech) wins by KO R1 vs Tomasz Makowski (36-7-0, Poland)

Kickboxing +96.6 kg / 3×3 mn
Daniel Skvor (21-6-2, 15 KOs, Czech) wins on points vs Jiri Stariat (11-5-0, Czech)

MMA -70 kg / 3×5 mn
Paata Tschapelia (3-1-0, Georgia) wins by KO R2 Jan Malach (9-5-0, Czech)

Kickboxing +86 kg / 3×3 mn
Miroslav Cingel (42-15-4, Slovakia) wins on points vs Daniel Brunclík (19-11-0, Czech)

MMA -120 kg / 3×5 mn
Jakub Dittrich (1-0-0, Czech) wins by TKO R1 vs Jakub Kremen (0-1-0, Czech)

Kickboxing -81,0 / 3×3 mn
Erik Matejovsky (Slovakia) wins by KO R1 vs Bernard Plavec (Czech)

Event Report