Lilian Dikmans on FIGHTMAG cover

Founded in 2005 by Stephane Cabrera and Parviz Iskenderov, FIGHTMAG is the leading international fight magazine online out of Australia.

The 2017 cover of FIGHTMAG has been recently released, featuring Australian model Lilian Dikmans, alongside the world-class promoter Darren Curovic.

Signed with Vivien’s Models Melbourne-based Lilian Dikmans is known for her work with various international brands including Lululemon and K-Mart, just to name a couple. She has been also appearing in numerous TV commercials on Australian networks. Furthermore she holds the 3-fight undefeated record in Muay Thai.

Darren Curovic is a person known for bringing the West Australian fight promotions to the next level. In 2010-2011 he has held historic “Domination Muay Thai” events featuring renowned John Wayne Parr and Nathan Corbett challenging for WKN World titles against Dmitry Valent and Pavel Zhuravlev. His next show is held on October 28 in Perth, WA with two WKN State championships contested on the night.

The previous FIGHTMAG cover featured Iraqi-English World Champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi alongside the Hall of Fame boxing referee Steve Smoger of the US.