WKN Poland: Tomasz Sarara defeats Tomas Mozny, becomes new WKN World Super Heavyweight champion

Polish star Tomasz Sarara and “Slovakian Giant” Tomas Mozny squared off on Friday May 25 at National Stadium Warsaw (PGE Norodowy). The pair contested for World Kickboxing Network Super Heavyweight title, which was featured on the card at Boxing Night 14, with the reported over 25,000 sold tickets for the event.

The scheduled for five rounds championship bout didn’t go the distance. In the fourth round Mozny received a deep cut extending from his right eye brow up through his forehead. The doctor made a decision to stop the contest.

Sarara was proclaimed as the winner by TKO, and became a new WKN World Super Heavyweight champion.

The WKN International Supervisor was Parviz Iskenderov of Australia.

Lilian Dikmans presented WKN World title belt live on TVP Sport HD, being the only Australian at the venue, and arguably in whole Poland at the time of the fight show.