WKN Australia: Domination Muay Thai 20 – Toby Smith vs Sam Gough weigh-ins

Domination Muay Thai 20: Event of the Year in Australia

Toby Smith and Sam Gough battle out for WKN World middleweight title in the main event of Domination Muay Thai 20 held on June 2, 2018 in Perth, Australia. At the official weigh-in ceremony conducted on Friday, Smith showed 76.1 kg. Gough was 75.8 kg.

In addition, Roy Wills and Jordan Godtfredsen square off in the lightweight contender bout. The winner gets a shot at World Title at the future event. Both fighters weighed-in at 64.8 kg.

Domination Muay Thai 20 is promoted by Pure Adrenaline Events. The WKN International supervisor is Parviz Iskenderov.