FIGHTMAG with Lilian Dikmans scheduled for 2019

FIGHTMAG with Lilian Dikmans features the Australian model and Muay Thai fighter who covers the world of combat sports. The release of first episode is scheduled for early 2019.

Launched in August 2005, FIGHTMAG is an Australian online magazine that covers combat sports internationally. The team of authors headed by Parviz Iskenderov, includes the likes of the former WKN World Heavyweight Muay Thai champion Nathan “Carnage” Corbett, the former World Champion in three stand up fighting disciplines Daniel “The Rock” Dawson, just to name a couple.

Among everything, over the course of her modelling career Lilian Dikmans has landed a stack of magazine covers, represented brands and appeared in numerous commercials for Sony, Kmart, Lululemon and other brands. She is also a well-known recipe developer with her Real Food Healthy Body project. In addition, Dikmans is scheduled for her next fight this October, being the only Australian model who competes in the ring.

Launched in Australia, FIGHTMAG with Lilian Dikmans tops-up the list of the WKN associated programmes, side by side with “Estrellas de Acero” (Steel Stars) with Emanuel Masseroni and Vicky Ravecca produced in Argentina.