Osman Yigin in his 200th fight against Eliasz Jankowski at La Nuit des Titans in Farciennes, Belgium on November 23, 2013.

Osman Yigin retired at the age of 42, having a complete record of 200 bouts behind his belt. He is a former 16-time world champion and 29-time champion of Europe. Over the course of his outstanding career he has competed in front of 85 thousands spectators in Thailand, as well as earned world title under all existing sanctioning bodies at the time competing.

Among everyone Osman Yigin fought Jaid Seddak, Rachid Elherdmi, champion of Raja Yassin, Gilbert Ballantine, Patrick Erickson, Abel El Quandilli, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Nordine El Ottmani, Fabrice Alllouche, Noel Van Den Heuvel, Singphayboune, Anukun, Nungmon, Satoshi Kobayashi, Hisayuki Kanazawa, Giogio Percca, Tarik El Idrissi, Ivan Menes, Richard Kostuck, Wannai Pongpila, Yaucat Guendi, Boulem Belaini, Peter Clay de chez Hyppolyte, Rholek, Chiai Vincent, Pinsinchai, Denis Koepke, Andei Kotsur, Thomas Seiler… The list is long.

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