Boughanem brothers face Daniel Sam, Joe Craven for WKN titles in Brussels


World Kickboxing Championship returns to Belgium on April 22 with PSM Fight Night held in Brussels. The event features three championship bouts with A-list representatives of the country-host up against international competitors.

Yassine Boughanem faces Daniel Sam of England battling it out for WKN World Super Heavyweight title in Muay Thai. The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds.

Youssef Boughanem takes on Joe Craven England in the five-round contest for WKN World Super Welterweight strap in Muay Thai.

The third contest will be announced shortly.

WKN World Super Heavyweight title / Muay Thai 5x3mn
Yassine Boughanem (Belgium) vs. Daniel Sam (England)

WKN World Super Welterweight title / Muay Thai / 5x3mn
Youssef Boughanem (Belgium) vs. Joe Craven (England)