Campoy-Ghercioiu for WKN European Lightweight title in Badalona


Fight for Glory: Three WKN titles on the line

Team Calvet presents “Fight for Glory” at the Pabellon de Llefia in Badalona, Spain on July 13. The event is headlined by WKN European Lightweight title fight between the representative of the country-host Antonio Campoy and Daniel Ghercioiu of Italy. The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds.

Also on the card Khyzer Hayat and Jose Quevedo battle it out for WKN Spanish Lightweight title in Muay Thai. In addition, lightweights Genis Salas and Farah Silva square off in the championship kickboxing encounter with WKN National title at stake.

WKN European Lightweight title / Kickboxing
Antonio Campoy (Spain) vs. Daniel Ghercioiu (Italy)

WKN Spanish Lightweight title / Muay Thai
Khyzer Hayat vs. Jose Quevedo

WKN Spanish Lightweight title / Kickboxing
Genis Salas vs. Farah Silva