Estrellas de Acero 6: WKN South American & Argentinian titles at stake

In Memory of Jorge Acero Cali

Estrellas de Acero 6
Estrellas de Acero 6

Five WKN championship belts will be contested at the sixth edition of Estrellas de Acero taking place on December 12 in Buenos Aires. The event is dedicated to memory of Argentinian legend, former WKN World super cruiserweight champion, Jorge Acero Cali.

In the main event Nicolas “El Maldito” Jara of Argentina and Jambavan Vieira Morales of Paraguay battle it out for WKN South America super lightweight title in Full Contact. In the co-main event Andrea “La Pochito” Salazar of Argentina and Gisela “La Emperatriz” Luna of Chile square off in WKN South America featherweight championship in oriental kickboxing. The full lineup can be found below.

Estrellas de Acero 6 fight card

WKN South America super lightweight title, Full Contact
Nicolas “El Maldito” Jara (Argentina) vs. Jambavan Vieira Morales (Paraguay)

WKN South America featherweight title, oriental rules
Andrea “La Pochito” Salazar (Argentina) vs. Gisela “La Emperatriz” Luna (Chile)

WKN Argentina lightweight title, kickboxing
Tomas Chacal Aguirre vs. Braian Caggiano

WKN Argentina super featherweight title, oriental rules
Agustin Cardenes vs. Juan Martín

WKN Argentina Flyweight title, oriental rules
Florencia Greco vs. Yamila Nuñez