Battle of Saint Raphael IV

Battle of Saint Raphael IV

Date: September 17, 2016
Place: St Raphael, France
Time: 7:30pm (Local time)
Broadcast: Canal Plus Sport
Promoter: Badri Rouabhia / ASJR
Supervisor: Habib Bakir

The Battle of Saint Raphael IV put on the card the best of France versus the top international selection. The bouts went ahead at three by three minute rounds under Oriental Rules (K-1).

The Battle of Saint Raphael is one of the leading kickboxing promotions in France. Promoter Badri Rouabhia launched the show on June 15, 2013. Since, the Battle of Saint Raphael is an annual WKN fight night in France that features the best of the best national athletes taking on the world’s elite.

Fight Results

79,600 kg
Karim Benmansour (France) vs Florian Kröger (Germany) – Draw

62,100 kg
Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France) wins on points vs Ivana Miklasova (Sloavkia)

72,600 kg
Nikos Grantzidis (Greece) wins by TKO R3 (referee stoppage) vs Sammy Buffet (France)

56,000 kg
Franck Gross (France) wins by TKO R2 (doctor stoppage) vs Manolis Kalistis (Greece)

66,700 kg
Kevin Eiberg (Germany) wins by KO R1 vs Jocelin Branchu (France)

62,100 kg
Cyril Pazitny (Slovakia) wins by TKO R1 (corner stoppage) vs Michel Teixeira (France)

66,700 kg
Mathias Branchu (France) wins by KO R3 vs Yoann Mermoux (France)

66,700 kg
Hakim Ketaieb (France) wins on points vs Daniel Switek (Slovakia)

76,200 kg
Mustafa Yasar (France) vs Sebastien Pace (France) – Draw

66,700 kg
Ilan Durand (France) wins by TKO R2 (referee stoppage) vs Bruno Hodencq (France)