BFS 1 Nimes

    BFS 1 Nimes

    Date: March 30, 2019
    Place: Nimes, France
    Promoter: Habib Bakir and Olivier Cerdan

    Fight card features French and international competitors out of Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia and Poland.

    72.6 kg Mickael Pignolo (France) vs. Jordi Requejo (Spain) – draw
    63 lg Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France) def. Katarzyna Jaworska (Poland) by unanimous decision
    67 kg Hakim Ketaieb (France) def. Kristian Nguyen (Slovakia) by unanimous decision
    70 kg Mathieu Codron (France) def. Arthur Kopp (France) by unanimous decision
    60 kg Lou Solves (France) vs. Ewelina Fit (Poland)
    75 kg Dylan Antoine (France) vs. Juan Heredia Santiago (Spain)
    67 kg Christophe Pequinot vs. Killian Emery (Switzerland)
    67 kg Isaac Ichba (France) vs. Loic Vidal (France)
    57 kg Perrine Flaceliere (France) vs. Marion Cattin (Switzerland)
    Catchweight amateur bout Sandro Spica (France) vs. Younes Salmi (France)