Fight Day Trazegnies

    Fight Day

    Date: October 28, 2017
    Place: Trazegnies, Belgium
    Venue: Hall Omnisport
    Promoter: Team Fighting La Marca
    Supervisor: Osman Yigin

    Belgian Killian Moulun faces off French Steven Taleb in a four-round super lightweight battle for the WKN European pro-amateur title.

    The event is presented by Team Fighting La Marca. The championship supervisor is Osman Yigin, representing World Kickboxing Network. The fight card comprises 20 bouts, with the national championship of Belgium featured on the program. The event starts at 1 pm local time.

    WKN European super lightweight pro-amateur title / Oriental kickboxing / 4x2mn
    Killian Moulun (Belgium) def. Steven Taleb (France) by decision