Ganryujima IV Tokyo

Ganryujima 7.31 Live on Fuji Network

Date: Sunday, 31st July 2016
Venue: Ariake Coliseum, Koto, Tokyo, Japan
Broadcast Live on Fuji Network
Special guest: Stephane Cabrera

Ganryujima and WKN World Office Collaboration

Promoted by Mr Sadaharu Tanikawa

Ganryujima 7.31 Results

Shinsuke Seto wins on points (3-0) vs Natanel Parisi

Akihiko Mori wins in R2 v Iwamaru Yutaro

Boldbaatar Udral wins in R1 vs Michele Verginelli

Gabriel wins in R1 vs Umiho

Rukuku Dali wins in R1 vs Tuntunmin

Elvis Moyo wins in R5 vs Kiyoshi Tamura

Evgeny Sharomaev wins in R1 v Star Style

Katsunori Kikuno wins in R1 vs Kuntappu Chan Roy Chai

Day I – Friday, 29th July 2016

The schedule includes official meeting between the WKN world president Mr Stephane Cabrera and Ganryujima CEO Mr Sadaharu Tanikawa, as well as fighters promotional photoshoot and interview with media.

Day II – Saturday, 30th July 2016

The schedule includes the weigh-ins ceremony at Ariake Coliseum, rule meeting, press conference and fighters presentation at Fuji Television Network.

Weigh-ins Ceremony

Rule Meeting

Fighters Presentation

Day III – Sunday, 31st July 2016

Ganryujima 7.31 live on Fuji Network

An outstanding spectacular Martial Arts fight show aired live on Fuji network on Sunday, 31st July 2016 from Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan.

In the heart of Ganryujima 7.31

Ganryujima 7.31 – Fight Action