Gladiators Fight Night XVIII

    Gladiators Fight Night XIII

    DateL October 28, 2017
    Place: Malta
    Venue: The Pavillion Gastro Pub

    Gladiators Fight Night XVIII is held on October 28 at The Pavillion Gastro Pub. The event is the following series of international kickboxing promotions in Malta.

    Pro-Amateur European championship headlines the show. The roster includes the Maltese fighters up against the representatives of Sardinia, Switzerland and Northern Ireland.

    Main event
    WKN European pro-amateur lightweight title
    Jesred Piscopo (Malta) def. Giuliano Lai (Sardinia) by decision

    Super featherweight Keith Azzopardi def. Alessandro Caredda by decision
    Middleweight Shaun Falzon vs. Federico Spano
    Super Lightweight Aidan B Catania vs. Killian Emery
    Welterweight Henrik Ejlertsson vs. Keith Micallef

    Super lightweight Maggio Sabrina vs. Celeste Galea
    Featherweight Caldarone vs. Milos Anic
    Bantamweight Andrea Porcello vs. Julian Mangion
    Super flyweight Rowena Bolt vs. Diane Schembri
    Super lightweight Elvic Zammit vs. Shadrach Ellul
    Super light heavyweight Osama Mohammed Elmagbob vs. Simon Jerez
    Super welterweight Yassir El Badr vs. Clint Galea
    Featherweight Andrea Spaccaterra vs. Romaric Cothenet
    Super welterweight Marcus Grech vs. Kyle Darmanin
    Super featherweight Gloria Feraci vs. Stephanie Rogers
    Super bantamweight Jaid Agius vs. Justin Pace
    Super flyweight Kylie Cassar vs. Ritmay Spiteri