SEiZA 1/19 Girl’s Budo

Sei Za Girls Budo Entertainment

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2017
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Promoter: Mr Yamaguchi

Sei Za Girl’s Budo Entertainment sets its debut on Thursday, January 19, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The event will see Team Japan vs Team Greece.

The WKN kickboxing supports a new Japanese project SEI ZA being an official matchmaker for the events.

SEI ZA is a Girl’s Budo Entertainment – World-first Professional Woman’s BUDO. The WKN World office assists with matchmaking and international exposure for this new concept. Team Greece consists of five athletes and two trainers.

WKN again makes history – for the first time ever national Team Greece combined by athletes of different dicsiplines of combat sports represnts the birthplace of the Olympic Games in the world’s capital of Martial Arts, the Country of the Rising Sun, Japan.

WKN World president Stephane Cabrera, and WKN Director Osman Yigin assist the event.

Fight Results

Tabatha Ricci (Brazil) wins in R1 (1 min, 40 sec) vs Sofia Karga (Greece)

Violeta Kalaidopoulou (Greece) wins in R2 (1 min, 2 sec) vs Radha Manandhar (Nepal)

Christina Kousta (Greece) wins in R1 (2 min, 12 sec) vs Rajina Vista (Nepal)

Nanae Takahashi (Japan) wins in R2 (2 min, 32 sec) vs Marianthi Samouchou (Greece)

Julija Stoliarenko (Lithuania) wins in R1 (38 sec) vs Charikleia Dimitroula (Greece)

Team Greece

Marianthi Samouchou
Christina Kousta
Violeta Kalaidopoulou
Sofia Karga
Charikleia Dimitroula

Nikola Kopoulos
Kritikos Nikolaos

Stefanos Konstantinidis


Rules Meeting & Weigh-ins

Media Day

Team Greece appears on national TV ahead of SEI ZA event on January 19, 2017 in Tokyo

Team Greece presented at The Battle: National Pride on November 20, 2016 in Athens