SEiZA 5/11

Seiza 5/11

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Korakuen Hall
Promoter: Mr Yamaguchi

SEiZA 5/11 is the second edition of the Girl’s Budo Entertainment produced by Mr Yamaguchi at famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

The women-only fight show sees world’s competitors out of different fighting disciplines facing off each other under the Mixed Martial Arts rules. The World Kickboxing Network is an international matchmaker for the project. The SEiZA concept dedicates to top up the level of Martial Arts entertainment in Japan.

Team SEIZA defeats Team ZENDOKAI – Elimination Fight Series

Rajina Bista
Radha Manandhar
Tabatha Ricci

Yoshie Ito
Miyuu Tsunoda
Yuina Nishiwaki

Special Match
Julija Stoliarenko vs. Megumi Yabushita