Florencia Greco Simply the Best at Buenos Aires Top Fights 3 with UD against Jacqueline Ayala

Greco lifts WKN South America flyweight title


Argentine Florencia Greco became a new WKN South America flyweight champion when she faced Jacqueline Ayala of Chile this past Saturday, April 9 at Club Morón in Buenos Aires. The pair squared off in the headliner of BTF 3 live on El Nueve.

Greco came out on top taking the victory, as well as a prestigious belt, by unanimous decision after five rounds. In addition, the representative of the country-host secured her second win over the kickboxer from Chile following their first fight mid February that ended in a similar fashion.

Also on the night Argentine Tomas Aguirre took all four-man international tournament contested in a format of knockout contest. In the opening round he KO’d Mauricio Noguera in Round 1. In the final he similarly defeated Angel Escobar of Colombia.

Buenos Aires Top Fights 3 was presented by former World Kickboxing Network cruiserweight champion Christian Bosch. The full fight results can be found below.

Buenos Aires Top Fights 3 results

WKN South America flyweight title, oriental rules, 5 rounds
Florencia Greco (Argentina) def. Jacqueline Ayala (Chile) by unanimous decision

Super 4 tournament
Semi-final: Tomas Aguirre (Argentina) def. Mauricio Noguera (Paraguay) by KO R1
Semi-final: Angel Escobar (Colombia) def. Nicolas Berrutti (Uruguay) by unanimous decision
Final: Tomas Aguirre (Argentina) def. Angel Escobar (Colombia) by KO R1

Nicolas Mujica (Uruguay) def. Pablo Roa (Argentina) by unanimous decision

Kevin Ferraresi def. Yonathan Benitez by KO R2
Aldo Fernandez def. Mauricio Tazzioli by unanimous decision
Pablo Rios Molina def. Flavio Robledo by unanimous decision