Girl Power: Dvorakova wins Girl Power 4 Varna, Petrov takes WKN European title

Girl Power 4 Varna

Kickboxing series Girl Power 4 Varna aired live on SFR Sport 5 on Friday October 13. The event featured eight international competitors battling out in a single elimination tournament, with WKN championship belt at stake.

Czech Tereza Dvorakova earned three victorious in one evening, consequently taking all tournament. Also on the night Bulgarian Aleksandar Petrov scored the third-round knockout victory against Serbian Bojan Gajic and became WKN European light heavyweight champion.

Hall of fame referee Steve Smoger officiated the bouts. Complete results and photo report can be found below.

Girl Power 4 Varna results

Amalia Koleva (Bulgaria) def. Ashley Gilson (Belgium) via decision
Pernille Schjonning (Denmark) def. Raluca Costache (Romania) via decision
Tereza Dvorakova (Czech) def. Andra Mihai (France) via decision
Merima Basic (Bosnia) def. Dragica Jelisavac (Serbia) via decison

Pernille Schjonning (Denmark) def. Amalia Koleva (Bulgaria) via decision
Tereza Dvorakova (Czech) def. Merima Basic (Bosnia) via decision

Tereza Dvorakova (Czech) def. Pernille Schjonning (Denmark) via decision

WKN European light heavyweight title / 5x3mn
Aleksandar Petrov (Bulgaria) def. Bojan Gajic (Serbia) via third-round knockout