Girl Power: Ep 6 airs on SFR Sport 5 & B1B from Sunny Beach


Girl Power 6 takes place at the Platinum Casino & Hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria on June 29. The event airs live on French network SFR Sport 5 and Bulgarian cable TV channel B1B.

Girl Power is a one-night eight-woman featherweight kickboxing contest. To take all, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening in the format of the Olympic system tournament: quarter-final, semi-final and final. Prestigious WKN championship belt at stake.

The updated lineup can be found below.

Jessica Puglisi (Italy)
Monika Babic (Croatia)
Adva Ohayon (Israel)
Clara Ascensio (France)
Iliana Gelebova (Bulgaria)
Sejla Omicevic (Bosnia)
Chavella Lee (Suriname)
Ana Maria Pal (Romania)