Hamilton vs. Morrison 2: Stormont Spectacular (Photos)

Gary Hamilton vs Douglas Morrison

Gary Hamilton of Northern Ireland and Douglas Morrison of Scotland squared off in the 18 years in the making rematch. The pair co-headlined PROKICK Lord of the Ring presented by Billy Murray at Stormont Hotel in Belfast on October 19.

Over 7 by two minute rounds of full contact kickboxing, the crowd were thrilled with non-stop, top quality action. This was a fight filled with heart, passion and emotion as both men were making their last appearance in the ring after years of success at the top of their game.

Fight fans were the winners on this occasion, but when the final bell rang and the judges had to make a decision, the Belfast Boy, Gary Hamilton had his hand raised one last time in victory.

Gary Hamilton is former two-division World Kickboxing Network champion, featherweight and lightweight.