Event poster for Invictus Arena 25 Rome featuring two WKN tournaments


Riccardo Lecca presents Invictus Arena 25 which takes place at PalaSantoro in Rome, Italy on December 15. A mixed-fight event is headlined by two WKN knockout tournaments.

The first tournament is a 65 kg international contest. The roster includes two representatives of the country-host Francesco Picca and Bruno Michele, German Dannis Haddad, and Belgian Xavier Lejour.

The second tournament is a 75 kg Italian eliminator. The list of participants includes Armin Dokic, Roman Kozak, Luca Migani and Piergiulio Paolucci.

To win the tournament the contender has to collect two victories during one evening, going through semi-final and final. The draw is conducted a day before the fight show.

The undercard features a series of kickboxing and MMA bouts. The current lineup can be found below.

Invictus Arena 25

WKN International Grand Prix -65 kg
Francesco Picca
Bruno Michele
Dennis Haddad
Xavier Lejour

WKN Italian Grand Prix -75 kg
Armin Dokic
Roman Kozak
Luca Migani
Piergiulio Paolucci

67 kg Alfredo Denis vs. De Meis
61 kg Roberto Oliva vs. Redha Jahuari
81 kg Carnevali vs. Saba
65 kg Paolo Angelini vs. Angelo Volpe

77 kg Luca Pisciarelli vs. Vittorio Marotta
66 kg Simone D’anna vs. Giovanni Garofalo