Invictus Arena 27: Picca vs. Ruiz for WKN European title

Francesco Picca

The World Kickboxing Network visits Italy for the sixth time in 2019 with WKN European Championship held in Rome on December 15. Presented by Riccardo Lecca, the event titled “Invictus Arena 27” takes place at Palazzetto Guglielmo Fiorini in Rome.

The contest features the representative of the country-host Francesco Picca up against David Ruiz Marrero of Spain. The pair battle it out for WKN European Super Lightweight title. The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds under oriental rules.

Francesco Picca has held WKN International Super Lightweight title earned by unanimous decision against Islam Ibragimov. Last December he became the winner of WKN International Grand Prix in the lightweight class. His resume includes the victories against Xavier Lejour, Petru Morari, Natale Allegra, among others.

The resume of David Ruiz includes the wins against the likes of Adonai Mederos, Jhon Cortes, to name a couple. The Spanish competitor is now looking to lift WKN European Gold.

The undercard will see a series of bouts in kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

WKN European Super Lightweight Championship / Oriental rules
Francesco Picca (Italy) vs. David Ruiz Marrero (Spain)

Over the course of 2019 World Kickboxing Network twice visited Rome, as well as Milan, Pero, and Iglesias (Sardinia).