WKN France: Yohan Lidon Wins WKN World Title at Dark Fights 2: Capital Fights


May 19, 2016 – Paris, France

WKN International promoter : FFKMDA ( French federation )
WKN International supervisor : Osman Yigin (Belgium)

Special GUEST : Jerome LEBANNER

* Broadcast on EQUIPE 21 & KOMBAT SPORT

Yohan Lidon took a spectacular knockout victory over Karapet Karapetyan in the headliner of the second edition of DARK FIGHTS on May 19 in Paris, France.

Frenchman Yohan Lidon and Armenian-Dutch Karapet Karapetyan were scheduled for five rounds of world championship kickboxing. Super-middleweights headlined the second edition of Dark Fights held in Paris, France. The Capital Fights event aired live on l’Equipe 21 network and it is on the current KOMBAT Sport roster for replay.

The WKN kickboxing world championship Lidon v Karapetyan ended prior the final bell. Round four marked its ending when Frenchman landed his heavy left leg on the neck of Armenian competitor, dropping him to the canvas. Unexpected spectacular sharp shot beat l’Equipe 21 rankings proclaiming itself a ‘knockout of the year’.

Dark Fights 2 ‘Capital Fights’ was attended by the president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera who awarded Lidon with the championship belt and an exclusive WKN gold ring. French kickboxing star Jerome ‘Geronimo’ Le Banner also attended the gala as a special guest.

Dark Fights is a 2016 four-show tour throughout France. The following installment will be held in Saint Tropez on August 4th. The final chapter will beautify Marseille in November. We will have more on this story as it develops.

Capital Fights Results

WKN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP KICKBOXING Orientales rules / 79,400 kg / 5×3 mn
Yohan LIDON ( FRANCE ) wins by KO R4 vs Karapet KARAPETYAN ( ARMENIA )

· Full contact . 12×2 mn . -71,800kg
Edouard Bernardou (France) wins by tko round 9 vs farid HAKIMI (Belgium)

· K-1 rules . 5×3 mn . -72,500kg
Diogo Neves (Portugal) wins on points vs Christian Berthely (France)

· Boxe thaïlandaise . 5x3mn . -66,600kg
Yod Siam (Thailande) wins on points vs Dylan Salvador (France)

· Superfight . Muyathai . 5×3 mn. -67kg
Rayane Mekki (France) wins on points vs Siri Mongkol (Thailande)

· Superfight . K-1 rules . 3×3 mn. +95kg
Fabrice Aurieng (France) wins on points vs Franck Munoz (Spain)

· Superfight . K-1 rules . 3×3 mn. -71kg
Charles François (France) wins on points vs Lello Perego (Belgique)

· Finale du championnat de France . K-1 rules . 3×3 mn . -60kg
Laetitia Madjene (France) wins on points vs Nawel Karouach (France)