Madani Rahmani vs Jean Simon Mendes Bass for WKN World title on June 25 in Liege

Nuit Des Gladiateurs 2022

Madani Rahmani

World Championship returns to Belgium on Saturday, June 25 with “La Nuit Des Gladiateurs 2022” taking place in Liege.

Representing the country-host Madani Rahmani faces off Senegalese-Spanish Jean Simon Mendes Bass. The pair battles it out for WKN World Cruiserweight title in Muay Thai. The world championship bout is scheduled for five rounds.

The rest of the card will see a series of bouts with some of the best Belgian and international fighters.

WKN World Cruiserweight Muay Thai title, 5 rounds
Madani Rahmani (Belgium) vs. Jean Simon Mendes Bass (Senegal/Spain)