Menen vs. Mihali for WKN European Welterweight title in Madrid


Nacho Menen of Spain and Ovidio Mihali of Italy will battle it out for WKN European Welterweight title on October 19 in Madrid, Spain. The contest is scheduled for five rounds in oriental kickboxing.

Both are the prominent competitors in the division previously earning national titles. They know collide aspiring to claim prestigious WKN European Gold.

The event follows a recent “Fight for Glory” in Badalona, Spain, where Antonio Campoy earned WKN European title in the lightweight division, scoring a unanimous decision against Daniel Ghercioiu of Italy.

The undercard will see a series of bouts with local and international competitors.

WKN European Welterweight championship / Oriental rules / 5×3
Nacho Menen (Spain) vs. Ovidio Mihali (Italy)