MMARCA: Teto Terranossa defeats Taraba, takes WKN International title


WKN International title was on the line this past Friday (April 26) in Madrid, where “El Samurai” Chinto Mordillo presented a spectacular MMA event on Spanish network MARCA TV.

The contest featured Spanish-Brazilian Carlos Eduardo de Azevedo aka “Teto Terranossa” up against Slovakian Matej Taraba. The bantamweight encounter went the distance ending in favor of the local fighter.

“Teto Terranossa” took the win scoring a unanimous decision, as well as added WKN International title to his resume. In April 2018 he defeated Daniel Vasquez taking WKN Spanish Bantamweight title at HDH 93.

The undercard of MMARCA featured a series of bouts with local and international competitors.