Monroe vs Salazar for WKN Argentinian Lightweight title


Estrellas de Acero – Bosch Tour

The World Kickboxing Network returns to Argentina on July 6. The event billed as “Estrellas de Acero” is co-promoted with the next edition of “Bosch Tour” taking place at Club Morón, in Morón, province of Buenos Aires.

The highlight features the contest for WKN Argentinian Lightweight kickboxing title. Gaston Monroe and Dylan Salazar square off inside the ring to find out who is the baddest man in the division.

Both fighters are known for their appearances at kickboxing series Simply the Best.

The event will also see the best Argentinian kickboxers including Ignacio Capllonch, Nicolas Vega, among others.

Estrellas de Acero – Bosch Tour is presented by famed Jorge “Acero” Cali and Cristian “La Serpiente” Bosch.

WKN Argentinian Lightweight Championship / Kickboxing
Gaston Monroe vs Dylan Salazar