ProKick monthly Fight League


Billy Murray create the ProKick monthly Fight League in Belfast

We’ve all heard of the Champions League but let us introduce you to the Champions Fight League. This international kickboxing league sanctioned by the WKN will take place each month in Belfast’s ProKick gym. Competitors from across Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond will go toe to toe to finish top of the league.

Save the date!
Sunday 25th September will be the historic first fight show in the brand new state of the art ProKick centre of excellence.
The upstairs kickboxing area will be transformed into an iconic fight arena with the ring moved into the middle ready to be surrounded by you, the fight fans!

In Belfast on the Sunday afternoon of September 25th 2022 – You will see many familiar faces such as current WKN British and International K1 Champion, Jay Snoddon, along with many of our new up and coming fight team go through the ropes.
There will be plenty of our kids taking the opportunity to put all their training into practise as they step into the square ring under the ProKick PeaceFighters banner.

So put the date in your diary, Sunday 25th September, and every subsequent last Sunday of the month as we kick off the ProKick Fight League. Who will rise to the top and crowned champion at the end of a year-long competition? There’s only one way to find out – get your tickets and be there!

This inaugural event sees the beginning of a monthly fight league that will see ProKickers compete with different clubs from Ireland, the UK and Europe each month.

To buy a seat to this inaugural event “the ProKick Champions Fight League” the hottest ticket in town is real easy –
And we mean literally buy a seat! Secure your spot and seat at the inaugural event by sending £13 via PayPal to This will allow us to purchase a chair for our monthly events. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got your ticket to the first ever Champions Fighting League. Chair purchases must be made via by Monday 12th September; our official Urban Villages launch day. After that tickets will cost £20 and who
knows you may have to sit on the floor!

Help us kit out our kickboxing event centre by sponsoring a chair and from here we promise to deliver you top quality fighting action every month.

For all WKN Trainers:
Any WKN team interested to travel and compete in Belfast with your young fighters – we can try match them. Travelling teams must pay their own flights ProKick will take care of food and hotel. This is only for fighters and one coach. We will return under the same conditions. Note; If we require specific fighters and for championship matches we will cover all costs as normal under WKN conditions of agreement.