WKN Argentina: Simply the Best 21 Buenos Aires scheduled for July 22


Argentine star Guillermo Benitez headlines STB 21 Buenos Aires

Simply the Best 21 takes place at Nina club in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires on July 22. The event is promoted by famed Jorge “Acero” Cali in terms of the “Estrellas de Acero 3” programme.

STB 21 Buenos Aires is the fourth Episode of Season 4, as well as the third Argentine chapter in 2018. It is also the second show in Buenos Aires this year. The series is broadcasted on FOX Sports Latin America, CN 23 and B1B TV.

The A-list South American fighters will battle out on the night, contesting for WKN National and International titles.

Among the bouts, undefeated Argentine middleweight Guillermo Benitez (36-0-1) highlights the show. Seven of his recent victories the 30-year-old fighter claimed by way of knockout.

In addition, over the course of his career “El Huracan” Benitez earned WKN South American, International and Intercontinental titles in kickboxing and Muay Thai. It will be his fourth Simply the Best appearance, following series 7, 5 and 2 produced in Caseros.

More information will follow.

Middleweight Guillermo Benitez vs. TBA