The third season of kickboxing series Simply The Best on SFR Sport 5 comprises six episodes.

The shows are produced in Europe, Asia and South America. Promoters of the events are Petr Lamac (CZ), Tofan Pirani (TH), Lukas Bodyy (SK), Hector Valiente (AR), Osman Yigin (BE).

Simply The Best on SFR Sport 5 – Season III Schedule

Ep 13 – April 17: Simply The Best 13 Prague, Czech Republic
Ep 14 – June: Simply The Best 14 Phuket, Thailand
Ep 15 – July, August or September: Simply The Best 15 – TBA
Ep 16 – October: Simply The Best 16 Poprad, Slovakia
Ep 17 – November: Simply The Best 17 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ep 18 – December: Simply The Best 18 Farciennes, Belgium

The matchmaking is currently in makes. More information will be revealed shortly.

To be noted: Due to Poland’s promoter breaching the conditions of the signed contract, the event held in Nowa Sol on December 3, 2016 was removed from the schedule.