Spain, Italy and Latvia join WKN kickboxing and MMA schedule for 2021

WKN Championship belts

The World Kickboxing Network announced today a series of international kickboxing and MMA events scheduled from June through September 2021. The WKN championship events in Spain, Italy and Latvia join the previously announced promotions in France and Northern Ireland, following the recently held world championship in Germany and the night of action in New Zealand.

On June 5 “HDH: Sangre y Arena” in Fontanar, Spain will feature Karla Benitez defending her WKN International flyweight MMA title. The event, organized by Chinto Mordillo, follows a recent promotion, that saw Poll Lloret lifting the inaugural WKN “Rising Stars” super bantamweight Muay Thai title by TKO in the first round against Roberto Garcia.

On June 19 Umberto Lucci and Lorenzo Panaro will battle it out for WKN Italian super heavyweight kickboxing title. The contest serves as the main event of “Stelle Del Ring“, presented by Team Jakini in Capolona, Italy.

On July 24 the top-class combat sport action will return to Latvia with “LNK Fight Night 18“. The event, promoted by Vadim Milov and Eugene Sapronenko, will take place at Studio 69 in Riga.

Among the previously announced events, “Villejuif Boxing Show 3” is scheduled for July 10 in Villejuif, France, and “ProKick: Knockdown Lockdown” is set for September 12 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The second edition of Boxing Fighters System in Nimes (BFS 2 Nimes) has been postponed due to COVID-related restrictions in France. A new date will be announced in the due course.

The current list of WKN championship events scheduled for 2021 looks as the following:

HDH: Sangre y Arena
Date: June 5, 2021
Place: Fontanar, Spain
Promoter: Chinto Mordillo
Venue: Fontanar Arena (Plaza de Toros)
Main Event: Karla Benitez (c) vs. TBA – WKN International Flyweight MMA Title

Stelle Del Ring
Date: June 19, 2021
Place: Capolona, Italy
Promoter: Team Jakini
Venue: Stadio Comunale di Capolona
Main Event: Umberto Lucci vs. Lorenzo Panaro – WKN Italian Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Title

Villejuif Boxing Show 3
Date: July 10, 2021
Place: Villejuif, France
Venue: Espace congres des Esselieres
Promoter: Academie des Boxes de Villejuif
Main Event: TBA

LNK Fight Night 18
Date: July 24, 2021
Place: Riga, Latvia
Venue: Studio 69
Promoter: Vadim Milov and Eugene Sapronenko
Main Event: TBA

ProKick: Knockdown Lockdown
Date: September 12, 2021
Place: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Venue: Stormont Hotel Belfast
Promoter: Billy Murray
Main Event: Johnny Smith vs. TBA – WKN World welterweight title