Thaï Boxe Torino


Thaï Boxe Torino ??
The World President visits one of the biggest and most prestigious clubs in Italy owned by his friend for over twenty years: Mr. Carlo Barbuto the “Thaïboxe Torino” ?.
Great Italian champions have worn the colors of the club and made Italy proud all around the world : Patrick Carta, Sudsakorn, Christian Zahe, Filip Solveidh, Ben Azzizi, Lucian Danilencu among the best known.
Every seasons for more than 20 years now ,he also organises one of the most important show in Italy where the greatest fighters ? have crossed swords like Giorgio Petrosian, Jorge Acero Cali, Gary Hamilton, Roberto Cocco, Genghis Alazov, Lucian Danilencu, Loris Audoui, Chris Baya, Sitichai, Paolo Fiorio, Yohan Kongolo, Sudsakorn and many others.
Respect to my friend Carlo and lot of success for his new restaurant “Thai Food Torino” !
If you pass by Torino it’s the right place to go to eat the best Thai food in town.