Three WKN title fights official at Villejuif Boxing Show 2

Villejuif Boxing Show 2
Villejuif Boxing Show 2

Villejuif Boxing Show 2 features three WKN championship bouts on March 7 at Espace congres les Esselieres in Villejuif, France. A day before the event the athletes stepped on the scales making it official.

All competitors made the required weight limit.

In the main event Yannick Reine of France takes on Woo Seung Kim of Korea for World Kickboxing Network lightweight title. The athletes weighed-in at 64.200 kg and 64.150 kg, respectively.

Bertrand Lambert of France came in at 64.300 kg for his WKN European lightweight title bout against Jacko Nicola of Spain, who was 64.400 kg.

Amine Kebir of France was 111.500 kg for his WKN European super heavyweight championship bout against David Mihajlov of Hungary, who tipped the scales at 98.600 kg.

All championship bouts are scheduled for five rounds.

WKN International supervisor is Osman Yigin of Belgium. President of World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera attends the event.

Villejuif Boxing Show 2 is presented by Academie des Boxes de Villejuif. The undercard will see a series of kickboxing bouts with local and international competitors.

Villejuif Boxing Show 2 fight card

WKN World lightweight title / 5x3mn
Yannick Reine (64.200 kg) vs. Woo Seung Kim (64.150 kg)

WKN European lightweight title / 5x3mn
Bertrand Lambert (64.300 kg) vs. Jacko Nicola (64.400 kg)

WKN European super heavyweight title / 5x3mn
Amine Kebir (111.500 kg) vs. David Mihajlov (98.600 kg)