Two WKN World titles on the line at Born to Fight 8 in Auckland, NZ


World Championship returns to New Zealand with “Born to Fight 8” scheduled for October 3 at YMCA in Auckland. The VIP event, presented by the leading promoter in the country, Vahid Unesi, follows a historic World Cup held in November 2019.

Born to Fight 8 is headlined by a pair of prestigious WKN World championship bouts.

In one of the bouts, the representative of the country-host Nikora Lee-Kingi goes up against Yordniyom Yuttakangumtorn of Thailand. The pair battles it out for WKN World Featherweight title in Muay Thai.

In another championship bout, local Dhcamad Armstrong squares off against Lapa Halangahu of Tonga. The contest is for WKN World Super Cruiserweight title in oriental kickboxing.

The undercard will see a series of matchups with local and international competitors.

Born to Fight 8

WKN World Featherweight title / Muay Thai / 5x3mn
Nikora Lee-Kingi (New Zealand) vs. Yordniyom Yuttakangumtorn (Thailand)

WKN World Super Cruiserweight title / Oriental Kickboxing / 5x3mn
Dhcamad Armstrong (New Zealand) vs. Lapa Halangahu (Tonga)