WKN Argentina: Bosch Tour 5 – Giudicce vs Dos Santos for WKN South American Title

Bosch Tour 5

Bosch Tour 5 is held on July 16 in Buenos Aires.

Bosch Tour is the third WKN event promoted in Argentina this year. It follows to previous installments in February and May.

In the main event Argentine Juan “Titan” Giudicce faces off Ezaquiel Dos Santos of Brazil. The contest is for the WKN South American title in Muay Thai.

WKN South American championship / Muay Thai / 4×3 mn
Juan Giudicce (Argentina) vs. Ezaquiel Dos Santos (Brazil)

In addition, on July 8, famed Argentine Jorge “Acero” Cali is hosting Kickboxing and Boxing seminar at Shitao Academy.