WKN Argentina: Juan Giudicce wins South American title at Bosch Tour 5

Bosch Tour 5 results

International kickboxing returned to Argentina on Sunday July 16 with Bosch Tour 5 held in Buenos Aires.

Bosch Tour 5 produced an all-round fight bill with some of the best South American kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters featured on the card. The event was the third WKN promotion in Argentina this year, following two previous shows in May and February.

The highlight of the event was the challenge for the WKN South American title. Argentine welterweight Juan Giudicce faced off Brazilian Ezaquiel Dos Santos in Muay Thai. Going the distance, the judges decision went in favor of the representative of the country host. As a result “The Titan” was proclaimed as a new regional champion in the division.

WKN South American welterweight title / Muay Thai / 4×3 mn
Juan Giudicce (Argentina) def. Ezaquiel Dos Santos (Brazil) via decision

The promoter of the Bosch Tour series is Cristian Bosch. The coordinator is Fernando Munoz.