WKN Argentina: Jorge Acero Cali on NET with German Paoloski on FOX Sports

Jorge Acero Cali on NET x Fox Sports

Estrellas de Acero

On Monday June 25, 2018 South American kickboxing star Jorge Acero Cali appeared on NET: Nunca es Tarde on FOX Sports (It’s never too late, Eng.). The programme is hosted by the award winning journalist German Paoloski.

Among everything, Argentine kickboxing legend and famed TV-personality discerned the career of “Acero” Cali, which includes WKN World Super Cruiserweight title, as well as three succesfull defense.

Earlier this month “Acero Cali returned to action, stepping inside the ring for the first time in five years. Moreover, he tested himself for the second time in MMA, going up against Argentine Mixed Martial Arts veteran Diego “El Toro” Visotzky at Simply the Best 20 Cordoba.

Topping up the bill, in May Cali launched the “Esterllas de Acero” programme (Steel Stars, Eng.), produced in terms of Simply the Best Kickboxing. In addition to FOX Sports broadcast, the series air on CN 23 hosted by Emanuel Masseroni, and on European cable TV channel B1B.

The next event, Simply the Best 21 takes place in Buenos Aires on July 22.