The Kumite 3 scheduled Feb. 16 in Corrientes, Argentina

The Kumite 3

The World Kickboxing Network returns to Argentina on February 16 with The Kumite 3 held in Corrientes.

Jorge Acero Cali recently visited Corrientes Province where he had a meeting with the Mayor of Esquina Mr Hugo Daniel Benitez. Esquina is a city in Corrientes Province and the capital of the Esquina Department.

An upcoming event will feature a series of Kickboxing and MMA bouts. The lineup will be announced shortly.

The Kumite 3 follows a recent edition of Bosch Tour held last month in Buenos Aires where Guido Otero defeated Emanuel Olmedo and took WKN Argentinian Super Light Heavyweight title. As well, five Simply the Best episodes were produced in Argentina last year in San Luis and Cordoba as well as in the city-capital.