WKN Argentina: Rios vs. Silveira added to STB 21 Buenos Aires

Rios vs. Silveira added to STB 21 Buenos Aires

Kickboxing series STB 21 Buenos Aires is held at Nina nightclub in Ituzaingo on July 22. The event features the leading South American fighters in a set of rating and WKN championship bouts.

International contest has been added to the card featuring Argentine Marcos Rios up against Brazilian Velber Silveira. The pair squares off in the scheduled for three rounds super featherweight match up in Muay Thai.

Simply the Best 21 is headlined by undefeated Argentine Guillermo Benitez facing off a prominent kickboxer out of Paraguay, Juan Pablo Zena. The pair battles out for WKN International Middleweight title.

Also on the card Alexis Grasso faces Tomas Aguirre for WKN Argentine Super Featherweight title. As well, Erik Miloc and Ezequiel Urquiza challenge for WKN Argentine Bantamweight belt.

STB 21 is produced in terms of Estrellas de Acero 3 and Bosch Tour 11. The series is broadcasted on FOX Sports Latin America, CN 23 and B1B TV.

Fight Card

WKN International Middleweight title / 3×3 mn
Guillermo Benitez (Argentina) vs. Juan Pablo Zena (Paraguay)

WKN Argentine Super Featherweight title / 3×3 mn
Alexis Grasso (Argentina) vs. Tomas Aguirre (Argentina)

WKN Argentine Bantamweight title / 3×3 mn
Erik Miloc (Argentina) vs. Ezequiel Urquiza (Argentina)

International rating bouts
Lightweight Nicolas Vega (Argentina) vs. Marcos Dal Jovem (Brazil)
Flyweight Melina Anfossi (Argentina) vs. Araceli Fornera (Paraguay)
Middleweight Flavio Robledo (Argentina) vs. Camilo Gallegos (Chile)
Super Featherweight Marcos Rios (Argentina) vs. Velber Silveira (Brazil)

Argentine rating bouts
Super Middleweight Guido Otero (Argentina) vs. Juan Cruz Balbuena (Argentina)
Bantamweight Lucas Schefer (Argentina) vs. Cristian Dure (Argentina)
Featherweight Facundo Medina (Argentina) vs. Enzo Ganna (Argentina)