WKN Argentina: Jara faces Edson, plus more added to STB 22 Buenos Aires

Simply the Best 22 Buenos Aires

Simply the Best 22 Buenos Aires takes place at the Club GEI on September 22. The event features a mixed-fight bill and a set of WKN titles contested on the night.

A Super Featherweight Muay Thai battle between Argentine Nicolas Jara and Brazilian Paulo Edson was added to the card. As well, the second women’s contest tops up the roster featuring flyweight Mariana Clausi up against her Argentine-fellow Johana Orue.

In addition, all-Argentine Super Lightweight kickboxing battle between Gaston Monroe and Nestor Ojeda is on, plus a rematch between Julio Dominguez and Diego Camargo at featherweight. Topping up the bill third MMA bout was added, featuring welterweight Jose Barrios (7-0) up against his Argentine-fellow Gustavo “Chino” Rodriguez (4-3).

Simply the Best 22 is headlined by a championship rematch between Argentine Cristian Bosch and Colombian Andres Dussan. The pair battles out for WKN International Super Light Heavyweight title in Muay Thai. Also on the card Argentine Martin Velasco faces Colombian Eduardo Vergara for WKN International Middleweight title.

The event is featured on the :Estrellas de Acero” programme on FOX Sports Latin America, CN 23 and B1B Action TV. President of World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera attends the event as a special guest. The current lineup can be found below.

STB 22 fight card

WKN International Super Light Heavyweight title / Muay Thai / 3×3 mn
Cristian Bosch (Argentina) vs. Andres Dussan (Colombia)

WKN International Middleweight title / Muay Thai / 3×3 mn
Martin Velasco (Argentina) vs. Eduardo Vergara (Colombia)

Bantamweight Ignacio Capllonch (Argentina) vs. TBA
Super Welterweight Juan Giudicce (Argentina) vs. Leonardo De Oliveira (Argentina)
Super Featherweight Enzo Ganna (Argentina) vs. Christian Guido (Argentina)
Flyweight Mariana Jofre (Argentina) vs. Giuliana Cosnard (Argentina)
Flyweight Mariana Clausi (Argentina) vs. Johana Orue (Argentina)
Super Featherweight Nicolas Jara (Argentina) vs. Paulo Edson (Brazil)
Super Lightweight Gaston Monroe (Argentina) vs. Nestor Ojeda (Argentina)
Featherweight Julio Dominguez (Argentina) vs. Diego Camargo (Argentina)

Welterweight Esteban Bonaveri (Argentina) vs. Yeferson Lopez (Uruguay)
Lightweight Pablo Dhorta (Argentina) vs. Rodrigo Pezoli (Argentina)
Welterweight Jose Barrios Vargas (Argentina) vs. Gustavo Rodriguez (Argentina)