WKN Argentina: Simply The Best 15 Moreno – Five WKN titles at stake

Simply The Best 15 Tigre

World Championship Kickboxing returns to Argentina with Simply The Best 15 Moreno held on October 1 at Believe Night Club. Promoted in terms of “Bosh Tour” the event is the fourth episode produced in the country, following three previous chapters held in Caseros.

In the main event Argentine Federico Roma (60-5-1) faces French Tristan Gaetano for WKN World super bantamweight Muay Thai title. “The Little Big Man” Roma is a current champion in oriental kickboxing, winning the title in 2015 via the fourth-round stoppage against famed Polish Tomasz Makowski in Zielona Gora. Gaetano, the team mate of renowned Yohan Lidon, Fabio Pinca and Abdallah Mabel, stated his highlight in 2016 when he scored the first-round knockout against Mohamed Bouchareb in Arbent.

The co-main event features Argentine Nikolas Vega, representing South America up against French Jeremy Nkoa, representing Europe. The contest is for WKN Intercontinental lightweight title.

The main card also includes Argentine Martin Velasco face off Mexican Daniel Rico for WKN International welterweight title. As well, Argentine Pablo Roma challenges for WKN International lightweight belt against an opponent to be announced in the nearest future. In addition, Florencia Greco and Narela Alfonso challenge for WKN Argentine women’s flyweight title.

In the undercard Argentine bantamweight Damien Alcaraz goes up against Darwing Saavedra of Uruguay. Other bouts will be announced shortly.

The promoters of the event are Cristian Bosch and Hector Valiente. The championship supervisor is Fernando Munoz.

WKN World President Stephane Cabrera, famed Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali and Osman Yigin will be attending the event.

STB 15 Moreno

WKN World super bantamweight title / Muay Thai / 5x3mn
Federico Roma (Argentina) vs. Tristan Gaetano (France)

WKN Intercontinental lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 5x3mn
Niko Vega (Argentina) vs. Jeremy Nkoa (France)

WKN International welterweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 5x3mn
Martin Velasco (Argentina) vs. Daniel Rico (Mexico)

WKN Argentine National title / Women / 3x3mn
Florencia Greco vs. Narela Alfonso

WKN International lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 5x3mn
Pablo Roma (Argentina) vs. TBA


Bantamweight Damien Alcaraz vs. Darwing Saavedra
Middleweight Guillermo Benitez vs. TBA
Super middleweight Leandro Dapueto vs. TBA
Super featherweight Marcos Rios vs. TBA
Super featherweight Tomas Aguirre vs. TBA

Welterweight Jose Barrios vs. TBA
Lightweight Gustavo Rodriguez vs. TBA