WKN Belgium: Soumeya Sammoudi wins pro-amateur European title

La Nuit du Muay Thai 3 results

La Nuit du Muay Thai 3 was held on May 13 in Elouges, Belgium.

In the main event Soumeya Sammoudi of Belgium was up against Lillian Blank of Germany. The contest was for the WKN women’s bantamweight pro-amateur European title.

The result of the female kickboxing championship bout went in favor of the representative of country-host, Soumeya Sammoudi who was awarded the victory by judges decision. The fight card also included a series of kickboxing and muaythai bouts.

WKN women’s bantamweight pro-amateur kickboxing European title / 4x2mn
Soumeya Sammoudi (Belgium) defeats Lillian Blank (Germany)