WKN Belgium: Simply the Best 17 Farciennes – Nuit des Titans XVI – photo report

Lorenzo Piras, Simply the Best 17 Farciennes

Held on Sunday November 26, STB 17 Farciennes marked the return of Kickboxing World Championship to Belgium. Promoted by Osman Yigin in terms of Nuit des Titans XVI the event featured the notable representatives of the country-host up against international opponents, with three WKN titles challenged on the night.

In the main event the reigning WKN World lightweight champion Italian Lorenzo Piras successfully defended the title, scoring a unanimous decision against Belgian Allan Gozdzicki. The bout was also a rematch, following their original encounter in April 2017 on Sardinia, where the local fighter earned the belt also by decision.

Among other championship bouts featured on the card, Belgian Tarik Mahillon took on Slovakian Samuel Hadzima, battling out for WKN international lightweight title. The bout ended after the first round, when the doctor stopped the contest during the break, due to cut received by Slovakian athlete.

In addition, Belgian Gaetano Pirello defeated French Rehda Chtibi by knockout in the second round, winning WKN European welterweight pro-amateur title. Complete results can be found here.