WKN Brazil: IVC Starts New Chapter In Its History

Felipe Micheletti Becomes WKN World Champion at IVC 15 Sorocaba

IVC officially steps in the new era on Saturday, August 20, 2016 in Sorocaba, Brazil when Felipe Micheletti defeats Rogelio Ortiz in the WKN kickboxing championship of the world.

Sergio Batarelli, founder of the International Vale Tudo Championship (IVC) in Brazil, renewed his eminent project. Indeed, the previous IVC event was held over 15 years ago. However, last Saturday in Sorocaba, the IVC 15 fight night produced fireworks.

The main event titled a new kickboxing world champion from South America. Brazilian Felipe Micheletti took the first round knockout victory over Argentine Rogelio Ortiz. He earned the prestigious WKN super cruiser-weight title in K-1 division.

Furthermore, IVC 15 produced the 4-man and 8-man kickboxing tournaments. Brendo Bispo de Souza eliminated Avanilton Dias Rocha and Lindeclecio Oliveira Batista taking all IVC-MMA contest. Marcos Lolata went through three victorious bouts in kickboxing tournament. He defeated Cícero Evangelista, Fernando Bananinja and Michel Papa.

Pro-boxing match saw Juliano Ramos stopping Pablo Dread Rico in the fifth round. Reserve and super fights ended in favor of Diego Batista, Diogo D’Avila and Bruno Brazil.

WKN world office congratulates Sergio Batarelli with an excellent work and relaunch of his beloved IVC concept. The next IVC fight night under umbrella of WKN is set for November 2016.

The collaboration of WKN and IVC is a pioneer in MMA history to promote the mixed martial arts bouts on European continent.

IVC 15 Official Results

Main Event

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / K-1 Rules / Super Cruiserweight / 5x3mn
Felipe Stievano Micheletti (Brazil) wins by KO R1 (1:47 min) vs Rogelio Ortiz (Argentina)

8 Man Kickboxing Tournament

1/4 Final

  • Fernando Bananinha wins by UD vs Bruno Kalaf
  • Marcos Lolata wins by UD vs Cícero Evangelista
  • Kakaroto wins by TKO R2 (1:10) vs Wesley Sanchez
  • Michel Papa wins by UD vs Joao Avatar

1/2 Final

  • Marcos Lolata wins by KO R1 (2:56) vs Fernando Bananinja
  • Michel Papa wins by KO R2 (1:07) vs Kakaroto


  • Marcos Lolata wins by KO R2 (0:53) vs Michel Papa

Reserve fight:
Diego Batista wins by KO R1 (1:55) vs Thelvânio Trindade

4 Man IVC – MMA Tournament


  • Lindeclecio Oliveira Batista wins by TKO R1 (Tap out 3:29) vs Michel de Oliveira
  • Brendo Bispo de Souza wins by TKO R1 (1:57) vs Avanilton Dias Rocha


  • Brendo Bispo de Souza wins by TKO R1 (0:47) vs Lindeclecio Oliveira Batista

Reserve fight
Diogo D’Avila vs Jesus Ocampos – No Contest / Doctor Stoppage (accidental eye poke)

Kick Boxing Lightweight
Bruno Brazil wins by UD vs Alessandro Buccioli

Pro-Boxing Lightweight
Juliano Ramos (Brazil) wins by KO R5 (2:32) vs Pablo Dread Rico (Argentina)