WKN China: Panagiotis Diakos Faces Song Linyuan at Kunlun Fight 46 Kunming

Panagiotis Diakos Takes on Song Linyun at Kunlun Fight 46

Cyprus’ Panagiotis Diakos is fighting Chinese Song Linyuan at Kunlun Fight 46 Kunming on Sunday, 26th June.

Panagiotis Diakos is acknowledged as the best heavyweight fighter to ever represent the beautiful island of Cyprus. He is fighting out of the Uppercut Team under the patronage of Chris Christodoulou. All-arounder Diakos states solid wins in kickboxing and MMA. He also made a three-time appearance live on Eurosport network, being a part of the Bigger’s Better series of boxing tournaments, where he faced the likes of Mairis Briedis and Pavel Zhuravlev.

Panagiotis Diakos holds a combined record of 53 bouts, that includes 16 MMA challenges. He states notable victories over Catalin Morosanu, Brice Guidon and Tony Greg. Diakos is travelling to Kunming under the management of the World Kickboxing Network. The super-heavyweight matchmaking DIAKOS v LINYUAN is the following contribution provided by the WKN to a number of today’s popular promotions such as Kunlun Fight.