WKN Czech: Girl Power 7 Kladno revised lineup


Girl Power 7 Kladno is held on October 19 featuring an eight-woman knockout contest. The event is promoted by Pavel Hakim Majer in terms of Noc Valecniku 15.

Girl Power is a one-night eight-woman featherweight kickboxing contest. To take all, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening in the format of the Olympic system tournament: quarter-final, semi-final and final. The fast-paced bouts are scheduled at 3×2 minute rounds.

The current lineup can be found below.

Anna Cora (Poland)
Diane Schembri (Malta)
Samira Kovacevic (Bosnia)
Lucia Szabova (Slovakia)
Sara Surrel (France)
Paola Cappucci (Italy)
Zarina Apakova (Czech)
Tereza Dvorakova (Czech)