WKN France: Fight Night Saint Tropez 6 – Tony vs Sinistra plus 105 kg tournament

Fight Night Saint Tropez

The sixth edition of a unique VIP event Fight Night Saint Tropez takes place at the Citadel on Saturday August 4. The annual extravaganza features some of the best kickboxers battling out in a series of international bouts, with two WKN championship belts contested on the night.

WKN Super Heavyweight title (+105.4 kg) is on the line when French Greg Tony and Belgian Sinistra square off in a five-round contest. A new class has been established to lessen a large gap between the competitors of over 96.6 kg (+213 lbs) but less than 105 kg (231.4 lbs) and the over 105 kg athletes, which often sees over ten kilogram weight difference inside the ring.

Furthermore, the programme of the heavy-hitters features a four-man knockout tournament. The roster includes French Stephane Susperregui, Lithuanian Arnold Oborotov and Moldovan Pavel Voronin. The fourth competitor will be announced shortly.

The contender has to collect two victories during one evening in the format of a single-elimination tournament: semi-final and final. The tournament draw will take place at the official weigh-in ceremony, a day before the fight show.

The current lineup can be found below.

Fight Card

WKN World Women’s Lightweight title / 5× 3mn
Mallaury Kalachnikoff vs. Laetitia Madjene

WKN World Super Heavyweight title / 5×3 mn
Super Heavyweight Gregory Tony vs. Frederic Sinistra

4-man 80 kg tournament / 3×3 mn
Yohan Lidon (France)
Giuseppe De Dominico (Italy)
Erik Matejovski (Slovakia)
Cyril Benzaquen (France)

4-man 105 kg tournament / 3×3 mn
Stephane Susperregui (France)
Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania)
Pavel Voronin (Moldova)