WKN France: Frederic Kowatz Simply The Best at Nuit des Defis in Caen

Frederic Kowatz Wins WKN Kickboxing Super Middleweight World Title

Frederic Kowatz of France defeats Valdemar Kulda of Lithuania on December 17, 2016 in Caen, France

Frederic Kowatz and Valdemar Kulda challenged for the WKN kickboxing super middleweight world title. The match highlighted the Nuit Des Defis 9 fight show in Caen, Northern France. Promoter of event is Wilfrid Hembert.

Kowatz vs Kulda went on distance. After five rounds Kowatz earned a unanimous decision. As a result he becomes the prestigious super middleweight title holder.

The Kowatz vs Kulda world title bout featured on the championship schedule closing out 2016. In November Ondrej Hutnik became a new super heavyweight champion taking the KO victory over Fabrice Aurieng in Marseille, France. Early December Tomasz Makowski defeated Nicola Canu of Sardinia, Italy and took the super featherweight title belt in Nowa Sol, Poland.