WKN France: Nuit Des Defis 9 – Kowatz vs Kulda for Super Middleweight World Title

Kickboxing Championship Belt

On Saturday, December 17, 2016 Wilfrid Hembert presents kickboxing world championship fight night Nuit Des Defis 9 in Caen, France.

Frederic Kowatz (21-7) of France is going up against Valdemar Kulda (19-3) of Lithuania. The championship bout is set to crown a new super middleweight kickboxing world title holder.

Kowatz is a two time champion of France in kickboxing and full contact. He is also the WKF world champion in full contact. Kulda is a 2015 Pankration world champion and Wak-1f champion.

The WKN supervisor is Habib Bakir.

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / Super Middleweight / 5x3mn
Frederic Kowatz (France) vs Valdemar Kulda (Lithuania)